Frequently Asked Questions:

Please don’t ask us about their facebooks.

Question: Are you the Kardashians + Jenners?

Answer: Nope, we are just fans.

Question: Where do you get your photos from?

Answer: From various fansites, personal blogs, gossip sites and twitter. 

Question: How old are the Kardashians and Jenners?

Answer: Bruce is 63, Kris is 57, Kourtney is 33, Kim is 32, Khloe is 29, Rob is 25, Kendall is 17 and Kylie is 15.

Question: Are you friends with them? Have you met them?

Answer: No, we have never met them.

Question: Do you follow back? Can you follow me?

Answer: We only follow Kardashian + Jenner related blogs, but if you like you can leave your Tumblr name in our ask box and we can check it out and if we like it we’ll follow you.

Question: Where can I find _____ episode? Where can I watch KUWTK?

Answer: You can watch every episode here. If you want to find a certain episode check on Wikipedia.

Question: How tall are they?

Answer: Bruce is 6 ft 2, Kris is 5 ft 6, Kourtney is 5 ft, Kim is 5 ft 2.5, Khloe is 5 ft 10, Rob is 5 ft 7, Kendall is 5 ft 9 and Kylie is 5 ft 7.

Question: Why didn’t you answer my question?

Answer: Probably because we’ve already answered it here.

Question: What are some other good Kardashian + Jenner blogs? 

Answer: Just check out our affiliates page, all of our affiliates have great blogs. 

Question: Why do you steal photos?

Answer: We don’t.

Question: Can you please promote me?

Answer: We promote people who deserve it. 

Question: What program do you use to edit your photos?

Answer: Photoshop CS4.

Question: What is your PSD?

Answer: We have many.

Question: What’s your theme?

Answer: We just googled ‘good themes’ and this came up so we’re sorry but we do not know.

Enjoy the blog!