Anonymous asked:
ugh it pissess me the fuck off that rich white girls like kendall can afford to get whatevr surgery, all the make up artists and get passed off to the rest of the world as naturally beautiful... such bullshitt
Anonymous asked:
do you still have download links for kim's fairytale wedding?? i can't find the full four hours anywhere :((



You can try these but I can’t promise you they will be what you’re looking for 

lobekardashians asked:
Where do you that your psds?

We make our own 

Anonymous asked:
kylie looks like a witch lol

That’s not a very nice thing to say about someone 

Anonymous asked:
do u know if kylie jenner ever dated justin bieber??

I don’t know defintely but I’m 99.99999% sure that she didn’t. 

Anonymous asked:
What modelling agency is Kendall signed with? :)

Elite Model Management - Paris

The Society Model Management

Wilhelmia Models - Panama 

Anonymous asked:
100% looks like she had a nose job, looking at heaps of old photos when she was 13/14 you cant see her nostrils at all, then all of a sudden her nose lost 3 pounds and lifted higher?? hmm odd

I know, I was unsure before but after seeing these incredibly clear photos I am now convinced she’s had plastic surgery. People shouldn’t judge her for this though, plastic surgery is a personal choice and that should be respected. 

Anonymous asked:
kendalls nose looks so different in those two pics.

I agree, I also noticed some changes in her eyes leading me to believe she’s had an eyebrow lift.